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Our Mission and Vision

Self Reliance Farm is working toward becoming a small-scale sustainable community and educational center specializing in community outreach and service through sustainable agriculture, natural building, responsible environmental stewardship, the teaching, sharing and revitalizing of traditional living skills and the fostering of entrepreneurship in the rural Northern New Mexico area.

Weaving together the knowledge, wisdom and involvement of the local Hispanic-American community, the Indigenous Pueblo community and all the other Homesteaders in the area, Self Reliance Farm aims to provide a platform upon which all people in the community can share their valuable skills and traditions in a way that not only empowers each individual through the value of their skills and knowledge being recognized, needed and appreciated but also earns them financial income.


Self Reliance Farm intends to collect and organize these skills throughout the community into the form of cohesive workshops, taught by the locals, facilitated by Self Reliance Farm. These workshops will range from an afternoon class to a 3 week course with camping and meals and everything in between. Self Reliance Farm will also handle promotional marketing of these courses and workshops to the greater Santa Fe and Taos communities and also the eventual establishment of a co-op where members can sell their art, craft, food products and more.

As Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee Tribe said,

"A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong".

When all of the skills and knowledge, wisdom and experience of an entire community is brought together and shared in an open, fun, engaging and supportive environment that is beneficial to everyone, the great bundle of twigs is created and communities are strengthened not just in physical fortitude but also in spirit. Whatever changes or adversities may befall the region or affect the community, the bundle will not break, but will hold each other together and stay strong, weathering any storm.

When you come together “as a bundle of twigs”, you become more than just individuals and neighbors.

You become a Resilient Community that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Our Mission and Vision at Self Reliance Farm

is to do our part in facilitating the gathering, strengthening and longevity of that bundle.



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