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We are just getting started but are very excited to see how much we can do with & for the community.



   We hope to have everything we need in place by summer of 2017 for week long permaculture kids camps for kids 8-16.  Each camp will be geared toward a different age group and will have a unique theme. Your child or teen will come away from this camp with new knowledge and skills that are anchored right here in Northern New Mexico's deep and rich cultural heritage and history and they will be able to apply what they've learned in an environmentally relevant way that prepares them for the future. As well as having lots of fun and eating great local healthy food, of course.Please check back in Spring of 2017 for full details and registration information.




    We aim to have a Coop established and a store front built on the Chamisal location of the Farm by fall of 2017. It is here that you will be able to purchase all kinds of unique hand made items all created by the local community right here in Northern New Mexico. You'll find everything from leatherwork to corn husk dolls, jewelry to clothing, pottery and more as well as local foods from fresh produce to canned preserves, natural jerky, and sun dried fruits! There will also be an online store for the Co-op so you can purchase most of the great variety of items available right here of our website.





In the next page, you will see descriptions of many of the kinds of workshops and courses we intend to offer. Some will be a collaborative effort by the local community, some will be taught by the Self Reliance Farm staff, and some will be taught by people who come to visit the farm from outside the area and share their skills. Either way, where there's a will there's a way! 




We love potlucks, musical collaboration, sharing ideas, movie nights. All are great ways to bring people together. Once we get our projector screen and plenty of mats and cushions, we will be ready for movie nights! And who doesn't love open mic? Even more fun when it's not at a bar, people actually listen and you can really be heard. Regular bonfire gatherings and musical jamming and collaborative fun will definitely be a regular occurrence on our farm.



We will soon have a few beautiful little spaces set up specifically for artists, writers, musicians or other creatives looking for week end to multi-week retreats to work on their art in our beautiful surroundings. We are especially interested in artists who want have a humanitarian focus to their work.

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