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Natural/Green Building

Cob , Straw Bale, Adobe, Found and Reclaimed Timber, and Earth Bag are all different types of Natural Building techniques we hope to teach at the Farm in the form of 3-4 week workshops building a 250sqft cottage.

Herbs & Healing Medicines

Learning about the many herbs and plants in our region and their medicinal and healing properties is a vital thing. We will have courses on identifying and preparing these natural healing plants in a variety of ways. We will be making tinctures, salves, tonics, decoctions, essential oils and more!

The Country Kitchen

Come learn/teach about natural food preservation methods like, canning, pickling, smoking, drying food with the sun and making preserves. These courses will also include instruction on preperation of local, edible wild plants, how to make wines, cordials and ferments as well as soap making and more!

Wilderness Skills

Making Fire, Making Utensils and Tools, Traditional Tracking and Hunting Methods, Skinning & Brain Tanning Hide, Reading Weather Signs, Wilderness First-Aid and more.

Bees and their Bounty

Did you know there are dozens of ways to use Raw Honey? From healing wounds to restoring shine and health to your hair to boosting your immune system and calming indigenstion. Honey is packed with vital nutrients and enzymes and in this class we will learn all about about Honey, and most importantly how to "make" it, or rather how to take care of Bees properly , including building Bee friendly habitats, so that they can make it for us, as well as pollenate our gardens, giving them thst special "buzz" !

This course will bee ongoing! Covering everything Bee-Related from Hive Care to Honey Harvesting to Pollen, Propolis, Beeswax and Royal Jelly.


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