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Started by Stephen Brock on the cosmic Lunar Eclipse of January 2019,

and now facilitated by Sara Rose Wasson,

Topanga Screenwriters Tribe meets in Topanga

Mondays from 7-10pm in a central location with plenty of parking.

Our usual format is two members of our group bring in

10-12 pages of a script they are working on.

The pages are cast by the author, then read aloud by the group.

The group then gives notes and feedback.

Outlines and treatments are also welcome to be read and discussed

and we do full table reads from time to time.


Our group consists of:

Screenwriters of all levels, Actors and Curious Souls.

We ask for a $10 donation per member per month

to cover venue rental and snacks and beverages provided.

If you are interested in attending,

email Sara Rose for more info.

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