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The Format:

We opt for One "Production Round" per 4-6 weeks

to create a 3-10 minute Short Film.

1st) We write and submit short-scripts on a deadline.

2nd) We meet at the Topanga Screenwriter's Tribe to share

short-scripts, receive feedback, then decide which short to shoot based on story, group availability and production logistics. Shorts not selected remain in the queue for the next round.


3rd) It is then decided among us who will:

*Direct    *Camera/Shoot   *Edit    *Produce  *Act

*Compose Score  *Sound/Lighting  *SetDress/ArtDept/Location


We take turns on cast/crew rolls as we create, per shoot.

Keeping things in rotation strengthens each creative muscle

of the film making process and prioritizes the collaborative, adventerous, experimental spirit of the group.

This is a hop on/hop off format.

You are only as committed as you want to be,

per short, per your availability.

TFC is a great opportunity to create with fellow artists

and have an online platform to showcase your various talents.

Each short is its own unique adventure.

You'll get as much out of it as you put into it.

All shorts are

"Made In Topanga" 

Non-Topangans, however,

are still welcome to collaborate.

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